Simple Tips to Help Manage Your Time

by Anthony Leardi February 01, 2017

Do you feel like you have a million things to do, but you never seem to get anything done? If so, you are not alone. We all have projects we want to get done as well as every day tasks, yet it never seems like there is enough time in the day. 

It is no secret that effective time management allows you to get more done each day, but did you know that it has important health benefits, too? If you are constantly frazzled because you can’t find enough time to do everything you need to do, then you increase your stress level, which is bad for your health and well-being.

We are two months into the new year, so now is a good time to get a handle on your tasks. If you are not the best with organization, the Mayo Clinic offers several strategies to help you improve your time management skills. To get started, choose one, then try it for two to four weeks to see if it helps. If it does, then consider adding another one. If it doesn’t help, then try a different one until you find one or more that work for you.

  • Plan each day. Planning your day can help you get more accomplished plus you will feel more in control of your life. Make a to-do list with the most important tasks at the top. Keep a schedule of your daily activities to minimize conflicts and last-minute rushes.
  • Prioritize your tasks. It is easy for time-consuming tasks to take up a lot of your day. By prioritizing them, it will ensure that you spend your time and energy on those that are truly important to you.
  • Say no to nonessential tasks. Don’t take on additional work if it does not fit with your goals and your schedule.
  • Delegate. Look at your to-do list and think about what you can have someone else take on for you.
  • Break large, time-consuming takes into smaller ones. Work on these tasks a few minutes at a time until you get them all done.
  • Practice the 10-minute rule. Work on a task your dread for 10 minutes each day. Once you get started, you may find you can actually finish it.
  • Evaluate how you’re spending your time. Keep a diary of everything you do for three days to determine how you’re actually spending your time. You may find that you are wasting time in some areas that you could use to get other tasks done.
  • Limit distractions. Block out time on your calendar for big projects. While you’re working, close your door and turn off your phone, pager and email.
  • Take a break. If your attempts to get organized begin to overwhelm you, take a break. Maybe take a walk or even do some quick stretches at your workstation.
Better managing your time is not just about getting your to-do list finished. It is about reducing stress and improving your quality of life. Take the time to find a system that works for you.

Anthony Leardi
Anthony Leardi


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