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Autotex M5

AutoTex M5

AutoTex M5 series wipers is one of our best sellers! Agressively priced with a premium design solutions for many drivers & businesses. It has been proven for many years as a leader in the automotive, fleet & trucking industry, and trusted by some of the nations largest fleets. The design of the M5 has many of the attributes and qualities of the competitions premium wiper blades. The M5 fleet pack option is great solution for installers that don't require that retail appeal. From the largest fleet to the local repair shop, AutoTex M5 brings great value!

M5 Design Attributes

  • All-steel frame for durability
  • Aerodynamic and vented frame to prevent wind lift
  • Retention claws keep wiping element in place even in harsh weather conditions
  • 100% all natural rubber compression molded to each length
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel spline assures rubber element is secure to frame
  • Pre-installed connector fits 9x3 hooks arms. Included adapter fits 9x4 hook, 1/4” and 3/16” pin, and bayonet wiper arms
  • Additional adpters available to fit saddle mount and screw applicaitons

Packaging Options

Fleet Pack

Blister Pack