4812.R172D.E1 - 172 Degree Large Sweep Wiper Motor

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Introducing the 4812.R172D.E1 - 172 Degree Large Sweep Windshield Wiper Motor, the ultimate solution for power sports dealerships looking to enhance their vehicle offerings. This high-performance wiper motor is specifically designed for power sports and utility vehicles, delivering unbeatable functionality and reliability in all weather conditions.

The 4812.R172D.E1 wiper motor stands out with its impressive 172-degree large sweep, ensuring maximum coverage and exceptional visibility. Designed to tackle rain, snow, and debris, this wiper motor guarantees a clear windshield, optimizing safety for riders and drivers alike.

One of its key features is the DIN motor shaft, compatible with Autotex adjustable wiper arms. This versatility allows power sports dealerships to customize the wiper arm position to achieve optimal wiping performance for their vehicles.

For optimal results, pair the 4812.R172D.E1 with Autotex wipers. Renowned for their durability, efficient wiping action, and resistance to wear and tear, Autotex wipers provide unparalleled performance in any conditions. By offering this winning combination, power sports dealerships can assure their customers of top-notch visibility and long-lasting wiper performance.

The installation of the 4812.R172D.E1 is quick and hassle-free, making it an ideal choice for power sports dealerships seeking efficiency. Designed for seamless integration into a variety of power sports and utility vehicles, this wiper motor saves valuable time and effort during the installation process.

Don't compromise on quality and performance. Elevate your power sports dealership's offerings by equipping vehicles with the 4812.R172D.E1 - 172 Degree Large Sweep Windshield Wiper Motor. Its rugged build, wide sweep, and compatibility with Autotex adjustable wiper arms and Autotex wipers make it the perfect choice for those seeking reliable and efficient wiper functionality in their power sports vehicles.

Offer your customers the best in wiper technology. Upgrade your power sports dealership's inventory with the 4812.R172D.E1 - 172 Degree Large Sweep Windshield Wiper Motor today, and ensure enhanced visibility and safety on every ride. Contact us now to learn more about this exceptional wiper motor and explore the possibilities it brings to your dealership.