4R2.24.R110D Wexco Wiper Motor: Two and a half inch (2.5") shaft, 24V (American Bosch)



  • 24 Volts
  • 2.5" Shaft
  • 110 degree wipe angle (adjustable)
  • Right-hand park (adjustable to left-hand)
  • Low speed: 40rpm
  • High speed: 60rpm
  • Recommended to fuse @ 12 Amps
  • Terminals: 1/4" male blade

The WWF wiper system provides a totally self-contained oscillating shaft requiring no external linkage. The universal popularity of the WWF motor is enhanced by the fact that the motor gives a marine quality sealed casing. All parts exposed to weather are corrosion resistant. Consequently, the WWF motor is ideal for any type of service or vehicle.

WWF motors default at a 110 degree wipe angle that can be adjusted to 1 of 6 different wipe angles:

  • 40 degrees
  • 53 degrees
  • 65 degrees
  • 85 degrees
  • 100 degrees
  • 110 degrees

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