AX9103 Mack Truck Commercial Wiper Motor

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Autotex AX9103 Wiper Motor specifically engineered to seamlessly fit Mack trucks, including the C, CH series-Fusion, Vision, Granite, Pinnacle, and Titan models. With its exceptional performance and precision design, this wiper motor is the perfect replacement for your Mack truck's existing wiper system.

Manufactured with the highest standards of quality and durability, the Autotex AX9103 Wiper Motor is built to withstand the rigorous demands of heavy-duty vehicles. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting reliability, allowing you to tackle any weather conditions and maintain optimum visibility on the road.

The manufacturer part number, 33QT521M, ensures a precise fit and compatibility with Mack trucks manufactured from 1988 to the present day. This comprehensive range covers a wide span of model years, making it suitable for both older and newer Mack truck models.

The Autotex AX9103 Wiper Motor shares a close relation to the renowned Sprague motor number E-008-230, offering an equivalent or superior performance. With this reliable wiper motor, you can expect smooth and consistent operation, ensuring your windshield remains clear of rain, snow, and debris for enhanced safety during your journeys.

Upgrade your Mack truck's wiper system today with the Autotex AX9103 Wiper Motor. Its exceptional quality, precise fit, and compatibility with various Mack truck models make it the ideal choice for dependable and efficient windshield wiper functionality. Experience improved visibility and confidence on the road with this top-of-the-line wiper motor.

Mack - 33QT521M

Sprague - E-008-230

Make Model  Year
Mack CH-602 2008
Mack CH-602 2007
Mack CH-602 2010
Mack CH-602 2011
Mack CH-602 2003
Mack CH-602 2005
Mack CH-602 2006
Mack CH-602 2004
Mack CH-602 2009
Mack CH-602 1996
Mack CH-602 1998
Mack CH-602 2001
Mack CH-602 2002
Mack CH-602 2000
Mack CH-602 1997
Mack CH-602 1999
Mack CH-602 1995
Mack CH-602 1993
Mack CH-602 1994
Mack CH-602 1991
Mack CH-602 1990
Mack CH-602 1989
Mack CH-602 1992
Mack CHN-602 2008
Mack CHN-602 2010
Mack CHN-602 2011
Mack CHN-602 2005
Mack CHN-602 2006
Mack CHN-602 2007
Mack CHN-602 2009
Mack Granite CV712 2007
Mack Granite CV712 2008
Mack Granite CV712 2010
Mack Granite CV712 2011
Mack Granite CV712 2004
Mack Granite CV712 2005
Mack Granite CV712 2006
Mack Granite CV712 2009
Mack Vision CXN602 2004
Mack Vision CXN602 2005
Mack Vision CXN602 2006
Mack Vision CXN602 2008
Mack Vision CXN602 2010
Mack Vision CXN602 2011
Mack Vision CXN602 2007
Mack Vision CXN602 2009
Mack Granite 2012
Mack Granite 2010
Mack Granite 2014
Mack Granite 2013
Mack Granite 2007
Mack Granite 2008
Mack Granite 2006
Mack Granite 2015
Mack Granite 2011
Mack Granite 2016
Mack Granite 2017
Mack Granite 2009
Mack Pinnacle 2012
Mack Pinnacle 2014
Mack Pinnacle 2013
Mack Pinnacle 2017
Mack Pinnacle 2007
Mack Pinnacle 2008
Mack Pinnacle 2009
Mack Pinnacle 2006
Mack Pinnacle 2015
Mack Pinnacle 2010
Mack Pinnacle 2011
Mack Pinnacle 2016
Mack Titan 2012
Mack Titan 2010
Mack Titan 2014
Mack Titan 2013
Mack Titan 2015
Mack Titan 2011
Mack Titan 2009
Mack CH 2002
Mack CH 2001
Mack Granite CV713 2005
Mack Granite CV713 2004
Mack Granite CV713 2008
Mack Granite CV713 2006
Mack Granite CV713 2007
Mack Granite CV713 2003
Mack Granite CV713 2002
Mack Granite CV500 2004
Mack Granite CV500 2005
Mack Granite CV500 2006
Mack Granite CV500 2007
Mack Granite CV500 2002
Mack Granite CV500 2003
Mack Granite CV500 2001
Volvo Truck WIA 1996
Volvo Truck WIA 1998
Volvo Truck WIA 1997
Volvo Truck WG 1996
Volvo Truck WG 1998
Volvo Truck WG 1997
Volvo Truck WG 2001
Volvo Truck WG 2000
Volvo Truck WG 1999
Mack Granite 2019
Mack Pinnacle 2019


Cross Reference

Balkamp 819-1090
Daimler ABP N82 AX9103
Grainger 2YRC7
Sprague E-008-201
Sprague E-005-620
Sprague E-008-230
WEXCO 1400-3110003



Wiper motor, wiring connector, screws