AutoTex B1Pro Premium Beam Blades


DuraTex Pro Advanced Natural Rubber

DuraTex is an advanced all natural rubber compound professionally designed for lower friction, silence, and durability up to 1.5 Million cycles. DuraTex rubber endures temperatures ranging from -60 degrees Fahrenheit to 180 degrees Fahrenheit for all-season performance.

5-min Installation with AutoConnex

Wiper blades should be easy to find and install, but the automotive industry often makes it a confusing and unwelcoming process. The AutoConnex Connector System alleviates all of your pains. Install your set of wiper blades in less than 5 minutes. Simply find the inch your vehicle needs and that's it. With easy to install connectors for the world's most popular OEM arm adapters, AutoConnex fits over 98% of all vehicles in operation.

All-Season Performance

The AutoTex B1Pro Premium Beam Blade is designed to excel in all-seasons; from the sun-and-sand territories to the ice and snow tundras. The one piece all natural rubber frame endures a wide range of temperatures and prevents any miscellaneous, snow, or ice build-up.

VorTex Symmetrical Spoiler

Do your wipers chatter or skip while going at high speeds? The low profile VorTex Symmetrical Spoiler on the AutoTex B1Pro Premium Beam Blades uses the spring steel beam structure and wind pressure to maximize wiper-to-windshield contact throughout the entire operation.

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