WN Winter Narrow Saddle Windshield Wiper Blade 13"-24"

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Wiper Style


  • Fits 5mm & 6mm saddle mount wiper arms
  • Flex steel frame with rubber booth prevents snow and ice buildup
  • Compression-molded wiping element 100% natural rubber
  • Hardware Included

When it gets cold and starts to snow you need all windshield wiper support you can get. Autotex Winter Wiper Blades provides you with an All-natural compression molded rubber and is engineered for extreme winter conditions. Our Rubber boot prevents snow & ice build up which allows you perfect vision in a winter storm. The AutoTex Winter Narrow wipers are an ultra durable wiper blade that fits both 5mm and 6mm narrow saddle wiper arms.


Reference Name Autotex Part Number Reference #
Anco WN-13 59-13
Anco WN-13 59-14
CARQUEST WN-13 656-130
Daimler WN-13 ABP N82 WN13
Daimler WN-13 APB N82 WNB13
Grainger WN-13 2FBP3
MACK WN-13 66-150
NAPA WN-13 60-1360
Trico WN-13 66-13
TRICO WN-13 66-130
Anco WN-15 59-15
CARQUEST WN-15 656-150
Daimler WN-15 ABP N82 WN15
Daimler WN-15 ABP N82 WNB15
Grainger WN-15 2FBP4
MACK WN-15 3115-5915
NAPA WN-15 60-1560
Trico WN-15 66-15
TRICO WN-15 66-150
Anco WN-16 59-16
Daimler WN-16 ABP N82 WN16
Grainger WN-16 2JZA5
MACK WN-16 62-QT-39304
MACK WN-16 3115-1651777
NAPA WN-16 60-1560
NAPA WN-16 60-1660
NAVISTAR WN-16 1616226C1
Trico WN-16 66-16
Anco WN-18 59-18
Blue Bird WN-18 989202
CARQUEST WN-18 656-180
Daimler WN-18 ABP N82 WN18
Grainger WN-18 2FBP5
NAPA WN-18 60-1860
Trico WN-18 66-18
TRICO WN-18 66-180
Anco WN-20 59-20
CARQUEST WN-20 656-200
NAPA WN-20 60-2060
TRICO WN-20 66-200
Grainger WN-20 2FBP6
Trico WN-20 66-20
Anco WN-22 59-22
Blue Bird WN-22 9028900
Daimler WN-22 ABP N82 WN22
Grainger WN-22 2FBP7
Trico WN-22 66-22
Trico WN-24 66-24


Part # Inner Case Master Case
WN-13 10 40
WN-15 10 40
WN-16 10 40
WN-18 10 40