About Us

Our Mission

To cultivate an environment that creates the very best products, services, and value that benefit the lives and ventures of everyone who uses AUTOTEX products.

Company History

AUTOTEX was born in New Jersey in 1991 under the name Wipers Express, which matured to Wexco Industries. We continued to develop into a full engineering and manufacturing company for heavy duty wiper systems. In late 2015, AUTOTEX spun off from parent Wexco Industries.

We are a fresh name in the industry with a rich history full of experience and expertise. Our lineage, proficiency, and passion for this company and brand will continue to carry us and our partners to new heights!


  • 1991 – Founded as Wipers Express by Paula Lombard and Steve Schwartz
  • 1998 – Entered OEM heavy duty wiper system business
  • 2002 – Developed and launched wiper programs for RainX, Service Pro, and Mighty Auto Parts
  • 2007 Arthur & Anthony enter business at WEXCO Industries
  • 2009 – Designed and launched AUTOTEX PINK
  • 2014 Launch Wiperparts.com
  • 2016 – Spin off AUTOTEX from parent company Wexco Industries
  • Autotex Founders
    • Paula Lombard
    • Arthur Leardi
    • Anthony Leardi
  • 2018 - Opened new headquarters in Sanford Fl


  • Create a can-do culture of innovation
  • Grow relationships.
  • Keep it real. Keep it simple.
  • Integrity matters
  • Quality is our best testimonial
  • Build movements with great causes and companies


  • Passenger and Commercial (Heavy Duty) Windshield Wiper Blades
  • Heavy Duty Wiper Motors
  • Heavy Duty Wiper Arms
  • Heavy Duty Wiper System Components

NAICS Codes: 423110, 423120
UNSPSC Codes: 25171500, 25171502, 25171505, 25171507, 25171504


  • Automotive and Heavy Duty Windshield Wiper Application Data ACES Pies -
  • Customer Specific Marketing
  • Product Training