Autotex M6 Pro

AutoTex M6 Pro

AutoTex M6 Pro is the wiper for those who only want the best! Designed to auto manufacturer OEM specisfications, you will find no metal on metal contact between joints that provide a quieter performance. The frame is 20% heavier than our standard M5 wiper for the most durable design in a conventional wiper blade. The M6 Pro also receives an extra paint finish that will keep it matte black color over the life of the wiper. THe wiping elemet received a graphit coat finish that reduces friction during opperation for the smoothest wipe. Give you vehicle and your customer the wiper they deserve in the M6 Pro!

M6 Pro Design Attributes

  • All-steel frame that is 20% heavier gauged that our Autotex M5
  • Aerodynamic and extra vented frame on seconday frame struce prevents wind lift
  • Retention claws keep wiping element in place even in harsh weather conditions
  • 100% all natural rubber compression molded to each length
  • Graphite Coated wiper reduces friction during opperation
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel spline assures rubber element is secure to frame
  • Pre-installed connector fits 9x3 hooks arms. Included adapter fits 9x4 hook, 1/4” and 3/16” pin, and bayonet wiper arms
  • Additional adpters available to fit saddle mount and screw applicaitons

Packaging Options

Two Pack (Duo Pack)

Blister Pack