M6 Premium+ Conventional Wiper Blade 12"-28"

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The Autotex M6 Premium Conventional Wiper Blade is the perfect solution for keeping your windshield clear in any weather condition. With its aerodynamic steel frame and high-performance rubber blade, the M6 provides superior wiping performance and durability. The M6 is also easy to install and adjust, making it a breeze to keep your windshield looking its best.


    • Aerodynamic steel frame for maximum durability
    • High-performance rubber blade for superior wiping performance
    • Easy to install and adjust
    • Graphite-coated rubber reduces friction and noise
    • Extra paint finish keeps the frame matte black
    • Retention claws keep the wiping element in place even in harsh weather conditions
    • Rust-resistant stainless steel spline assures rubber element is secure to frame
    • Pre-installed connector fits 9x3 hooks arms
    • Included adapter fits 9x4 hook, 1/4” and 3/16” pin, and bayonet wiper arms
  • Additional adapters available to fit saddle mount and screw applications


    • Keeps your windshield clear in any weather condition
    • Provides superior wiping performance and durability
    • Easy to install and adjust
    • Graphite-coated rubber reduces friction and noise
    • Extra paint finish keeps the frame matte black
    • Retention claws keep the wiping element in place even in harsh weather conditions
    • Rust-resistant stainless steel spline assures rubber element is secure to frame
    • Pre-installed connector fits 9x3 hooks arms
    • Included adapter fits 9x4 hook, 1/4” and 3/16” pin, and bayonet wiper arms
  • Additional adapters available to fit saddle mount and screw applications


The Autotex M6 Premium Conventional Wiper Blade is backed by a one-year warranty. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return it for a full refund.

Order your Autotex M6 Premium Conventional Wiper Blade today and experience the difference!

Here are some additional benefits of using Autotex M6 wiper blades:

  • They are made with a high-quality rubber that provides a smooth, streak-free wipe.
  • They are designed to last up to 2 million wipes, so you can be sure they will keep your windshield clear for years to come.
  • They are easy to install and adjust, so you can get the perfect fit for your windshield.
  • They are available in a variety of sizes to fit all vehicles.

If you are looking for a high-quality, durable, and easy-to-use wiper blade, then the Autotex M6 is the perfect choice for you. Order yours today and experience the difference!


Reference Name Autotex Part Number Reference #
Anco M6-10 91-10
CARQUEST M6-10 10-51
NAPA M6-10 60-010-1
TRICO M6-10 10-1
Anco M6-11 91-11
TRICO M6-11 15-110
VALEO M6-11 600-11
A/C DELCO M6-12 8-2122
Anco M6-12 91-12
CHRYSLER M6-12 5102881AA
DENSO M6-12 160-1112
DYNA M6-12 1112
DYNA M6-12 160312.911
Grainger M6-12 2YRA2
LEXOR M6-12 4712
NAPA M6-12 60-012-2
RAIN-X M6-12 RX30212
VALEO M6-12 600-13
WEXCO M6-12 5216840BD27WC
Polaris M6-13 2535851
A/C DELCO M6-13 8-2131
Anco M6-13 91-13
BOSCH M6-13 3-398-111-141
BOSCH M6-13 40913
BOSCH M6-13 41913
CATERPILLAR M6-13 128-5040
CHRYSLER M6-13 5012615AB
Daimler M6-13 ABP N82 7313
Daimler M6-13 ABP N82 7613
DENSO M6-13 160-1113
DYNA M6-13 1113
DYNA M6-13 160313.911
Grainger M6-13 2YRA3
LEXOR M6-13 4713
RAIN-X M6-13 RX30213
TRICO M6-13 15-130
VALEO M6-13 600-13
A/C DELCO M6-14 8-2141
A/C DELCO M6-14 8-2142
Anco M6-14 91-14
CNH M6-14 D128022
Daimler M6-14 ABP N82 7314
Daimler M6-14 ABP N82 7614
DENSO M6-14 160-1114
DENSO M6-14 160-1214
DYNA M6-14 1114
DYNA M6-14 160314.911
Grainger M6-14 2YRA4
LEXOR M6-14 4714
NAPA M6-14 60-014-2
RAIN-X M6-14 RX30214
TRICO M6-14 15-140
VALEO M6-14 600-13
WEXCO M6-14 5216940BD27WC
Polaris M6-15 2634843
A/C DELCO M6-15 8-2151
Anco M6-15 91-15
BOSCH M6-15 40915
BOSCH M6-15 41915
CARQUEST M6-15 356-150
Daimler M6-15 ABP N82 7315
Daimler M6-15 ABP N82 7615
DENSO M6-15 160-1115
DYNA M6-15 1115
DYNA M6-15 160315.911
Grainger M6-15 2YRA5
LEXOR M6-15 4715
MICHELIN M6-15 2215
NAPA M6-15 60-1517
RAIN-X M6-15 RX30215
TRICO M6-15 15-150
TRICO M6-15 36-150
VALEO M6-15 600-15
CNH M6-16 87669401
A/C DELCO M6-16 8-2161
ACDELCO M6-16 Aug-61
Anco M6-16 91-16
Blue Bird M6-16 4322434
BOSCH M6-16 3-397-018-140
BOSCH M6-16 3-398-100-910
BOSCH M6-16 40916
BOSCH M6-16 41916
CARQUEST M6-16 356-161
Daimler M6-16 ABP N82 7316
Daimler M6-16 ABP N82 7616
DENSO M6-16 160-1116
DYNA M6-16 1116
DYNA M6-16 160316.911
Grainger M6-16 2YRA6
LEXOR M6-16 4716
MICHELIN M6-16 2216
NAPA M6-16 60-016
NAPA M6-16 60-1617
PACCAR M6-16 WP1603
PACCAR M6-16 WP16031
RAIN-X M6-16 RX30216
Rig Tough M6-16 91009116P
TRICO M6-16 15-160
TRICO M6-16 36-161
VALEO M6-16 600-16
A/C DELCO M6-17 8-2171
A/C DELCO M6-17 8-2173
Anco M6-17 91-17
BOSCH M6-17 40917
BOSCH M6-17 41917
CARQUEST M6-17 356-170
Daimler M6-17 ABP N82 7317
Daimler M6-17 ABP N82 7617
DENSO M6-17 160-1117
DENSO M6-17 160-1217
DYNA M6-17 1117
DYNA M6-17 160317.911
Grainger M6-17 2YRA7
LEXOR M6-17 4717
MICHELIN M6-17 2217
NAPA M6-17 60-1717
NAPA M6-17 61-1717
RAIN-X M6-17 RX30217
TRICO M6-17 15-170
TRICO M6-17 36-170
VALEO M6-17 600-17
MACK M6-18 62QT327A
A/C DELCO M6-18 8-2181
A/C DELCO M6-18 8-2183
Anco M6-18 91-18
Blue Bird M6-18 13318
Blue Bird M6-18 113173
BOSCH M6-18 3-397-018-145
BOSCH M6-18 3-398-100-911
BOSCH M6-18 40918
BOSCH M6-18 41918
CARQUEST M6-18 356-181
Daimler M6-18 ABP N82 7318
Daimler M6-18 ABP N82 7618
DENSO M6-18 160-1118
DYNA M6-18 1118
DYNA M6-18 160318.911
Grainger M6-18 2YRA8
LEXOR M6-18 4718
MACK M6-18 62-QT-327
MACK M6-18 62-QT-327A
MICHELIN M6-18 2218
NAPA M6-18 60-018
NAPA M6-18 60-1817
Paccar M6-18 40718
PACCAR M6-18 WP1803
PACCAR M6-18 WP18031
RAIN-X M6-18 RX30218
Rig Tough M6-18 91009118P
TRICO M6-18 15-180
TRICO M6-18 36-181
VALEO M6-18 600-18
WEXCO M6-18 5217140BD27WC
United Technologies M6-18 WB18
A/C DELCO M6-19 8-2191
A/C DELCO M6-19 8-2192
A/C DELCO M6-19 8-2193
A/C DELCO M6-19 8-2197
A/C DELCO M6-19 8-2199
Anco M6-19 91-19
Blue Bird M6-19 13119
BOSCH M6-19 40919
BOSCH M6-19 41919
CARQUEST M6-19 356-190
Daimler M6-19 ABP N82 7319
Daimler M6-19 ABP N82 7619
DENSO M6-19 160-1119
DENSO M6-19 160-1219
DENSO M6-19 160-1419
DYNA M6-19 1119
DYNA M6-19 160319.911
Grainger M6-19 2YRA9
LEXOR M6-19 4719
MICHELIN M6-19 2219
NAPA M6-19 60-019
NAPA M6-19 60-1917
RAIN-X M6-19 RX30219
TRICO M6-19 15-190
TRICO M6-19 36-190
VALEO M6-19 600-19
Polaris M6-20 2205558
A/C DELCO M6-20 8-2201
A/C DELCO M6-20 8-2203
A/C DELCO M6-20 8-2209
AM Equipment M6-20 302-1220
Anco M6-20 91-20
Blue Bird M6-20 13320
Blue Bird M6-20 1573682
BOSCH M6-20 3-397-002-517
BOSCH M6-20 3-397-018-150
BOSCH M6-20 3-398-112-133
BOSCH M6-20 40920
BOSCH M6-20 41920
CARQUEST M6-20 356-202
CNH M6-20 132024A1
CNH M6-20 132025A1
CNH M6-20 FZG23404
Daimler M6-20 TBB65004043
Daimler M6-20 ABP N82 7320
Daimler M6-20 ABP N82 7620
DENSO M6-20 160-1120
DENSO M6-20 160-1420
DYNA M6-20 1120
DYNA M6-20 160320.911
Grainger M6-20 2YRC1
John Deere M6-20 AL34845
LEXOR M6-20 4720
MACK M6-20 62-QT-418M
MACK M6-20 62-QT-419M
MICHELIN M6-20 2220
NAPA M6-20 60-020
NAPA M6-20 60-2017
PACCAR M6-20 WP2003
PACCAR M6-20 WP20031
RAIN-X M6-20 RX30220
Rig Tough M6-20 91009120P
Sprague M6-20 60-2287
TRICO M6-20 15-200
TRICO M6-20 36-202
VALEO M6-20 600-20
WEXCO M6-20 5217240BD27WC
  M6-20 85116206
  M6-20 9120Z
A/C DELCO M6-21 8-2211
A/C DELCO M6-21 8-2219
Anco M6-21 91-21
Blue Bird M6-21 13321
BOSCH M6-21 40921
BOSCH M6-21 41921
CARQUEST M6-21 356-210
Daimler M6-21 ABP N82 7321
Daimler M6-21 ABP N82 7621
DENSO M6-21 160-1121
DENSO M6-21 160-1221
DENSO M6-21 160-1421
DYNA M6-21 1121
DYNA M6-21 160321.911
Grainger M6-21 2YRC2
LEXOR M6-21 4721
MICHELIN M6-21 2221
NAPA M6-21 60-2117
RAIN-X M6-21 RX30221
TRICO M6-21 15-210
TRICO M6-21 36-210
VALEO M6-21 600-21
A/C DELCO M6-22 8-2221
A/C DELCO M6-22 8-2224
A/C DELCO M6-22 8-2229
ACDELCO M6-22 Aug-21
Anco M6-22 91-22
BOSCH M6-22 3-397-100-899
BOSCH M6-22 40922
BOSCH M6-22 41922
CARQUEST M6-22 356-220
Daimler M6-22 TBB65005523
Daimler M6-22 ABP N82 7622
DENSO M6-22 160-1422
DYNA M6-22 1122
DYNA M6-22 160322.911
FREIGHTLINER M6-22 322822-78
Grainger M6-22 2YRC3
LEXOR M6-22 4722
MICHELIN M6-22 2222
NAPA M6-22 60-022
NAPA M6-22 60-2217
PACCAR M6-22 WP2203
PACCAR M6-22 WP22031
RAIN-X M6-22 RX30222
Rig Tough M6-22 91009122P
TRICO M6-22 15-220 91-22
TRICO M6-22 36-220
VALEO M6-22 600-22
WEXCO M6-22 519640BD27WC
CNH M6-24 78673380
CNH M6-24 87673380
A/C DELCO M6-24 8-2241
A/C DELCO M6-24 8-2244
A/C DELCO M6-24 8-2249
AM Equipment M6-24 302-1240
Anco M6-24 91-24
Blue Bird M6-24 1573690
BOSCH M6-24 40924
BOSCH M6-24 41924
CARQUEST M6-24 356-240
CATERPILLAR M6-24 101-0745
CNH M6-24 236194A/414426A1
CNH M6-24 284334A
CNH M6-24 414426A1
CNH M6-24 448476A1
CNH M6-24 87669761
Daimler M6-24 ABP N82 7324
Daimler M6-24 ABP N82 7624
DENSO M6-24 160-1124
DENSO M6-24 160-1424
DYNA M6-24 1124
DYNA M6-24 160324.911
Grainger M6-24 2YRC4
LEXOR M6-24 4724
MICHELIN M6-24 2224
NAPA M6-24 60-024
NAPA M6-24 60-024-9R
NAPA M6-24 60-2417
PACCAR M6-24 WP2403
PACCAR M6-24 WP24031
RAIN-X M6-24 RX30224
Rig Tough M6-24 91009124P
Sprague M6-24 60-2277
TRICO M6-24 15-240
TRICO M6-24 36-240
VALEO M6-24 600-24
WEXCO M6-24 5214740BD27WC
  M6-24 3132477
  M6-24 86093132477
CNH M6-24 236194A
A/C DELCO M6-26 8-2261
AM Equipment M6-26 302-1260
Anco M6-26 91-26
Blue Bird M6-26 1974070
BOSCH M6-26 41926
Daimler M6-26 ABP N82 7326
Daimler M6-26 ABP N82 7626
DENSO M6-26 160-1126
DENSO M6-26 160-1426
DYNA M6-26 1126
DYNA M6-26 160326.911
Grainger M6-26 2YRC5
MICHELIN M6-26 2226
NAPA M6-26 60-026-1
RAIN-X M6-26 RX30126
RAIN-X M6-26 RX30226
TRICO M6-26 15-260
TRICO M6-26 26-1
VALEO M6-26 600-26
VMP M6-26 120494
WEXCO M6-26 5214840BD27WC
A/C DELCO M6-28 8-2289
AM Equipment M6-28 302-1280
Anco M6-28 91-28
Blue Bird M6-28 80745
BOSCH M6-28 40928
BOSCH M6-28 41928
CARQUEST M6-28 28-59
CARQUEST M6-28 2859
Daimler M6-28 ABP N82 7328
Daimler M6-28 ABP N82 7628
DENSO M6-28 160-1428
DYNA M6-28 1128
DYNA M6-28 160328.911
Grainger M6-28 2YRC6
LEXOR M6-28 4728
MICHELIN M6-28 2228
NAPA M6-28 60-028-9
PACCAR M6-28 WP2803
PACCAR M6-28 WP28031
RAIN-X M6-28 RX30128
RAIN-X M6-28 RX30228
Thomas Bus M6-28 65009911
TRICO M6-28 15-280
TRICO M6-28 28-9
VALEO M6-28 600-28
VALEO M6-28 SBV281
WEXCO M6-28 5214940BD27WC




Part # Inner Case Master Case
M6-12 10 40
M6-13 10 40
M6-14 10 40
M6-15 10 40
M6-16 10 40
M6-17 10 100
M6-18 10 100
M6-19 10 100
M6-20 10 100
M6-21 10 100
M6-22 10 100
M6-24 10 100
M6-26 10 40
M6-28 10 40